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About Us

Our Vision

The founders of Greensprouts Farm recognize the need for food security, no one to take over during farm family transition due to retirement, loss of arable land from development, and worldwide dependence on the US to provide food. The land needs veterans that can combat global warming, carbon sequestration, excessive chemical inputs that produce unhealthy results, and train to improve what has been done in the past. There are vastly better methods to produce food for our growing world population and this is what we intend to do by training a new generation of beginning farmers using sustainable regenerative methods that can help heal the earth.

Our Mission

Greensprouts exists to help Veterans heal the land. To provide veterans and any socially disadvantaged people with a systems approach to working with the land, the life it supports, and the ability to provide the community with nutritious food in a sustainable, regenerative manner.

Our People

Training will be conducted by veterans for veterans, or overseen by Veterans if the situation warrants it. Veterans are well-suited for farming; they took a vow to honor and protect the United States. Over the course of U.S. history, that has cost many soldiers their lives, limbs and many others have mental health issues that are not as apparent. Veterans tend to be caring, dedicated to their mission, and they are willing to help their communities. Soldiers tend to be hard working, like to get up early, are self-sufficient and independent. Greensprouts leadership team will always lead with a majority of veterans who are able to talk with and relate to other veterans with a built-in trust factor.

Building the FTX (Field Training Exercise)

There is a 40-acre training farm available for Greensprouts in St. Croix County, Wisconsin that can be used as an incubator farm, we will use lease agreements, classroom education and training of animal propagation and handling barns, pastures, apiary, Unmanned Air Vehicle drone part 107 operation zone, renewable energy applications, high-tunnel and hydroponic applications. The facility has proven clean water and soil that qualifies for organic certification. Greensprouts Farms is currently seeking funding to acquire technical equipment, set up outdoor classrooms, and craft a strong curriculum. We have already begun work on our existing plots which will be eassigned to participants after they complete our business planning and farm production courses.

Our Leadership Team

Joseph Koch

Joseph (Joe) Koch operates a Farm Ranch near Wilson, Wisconsin where they raise cattle, hay, vegetables, apples, and horses. Horticulture is where Joe first got his hands dirty while helping his grandfather raise plants and shrubs in a year-round greenhouse operation. This was ideal to learn about the symbiotic relationship of soil health, water, and plants. Joe completed the Farm Business Planning class through Chippewa Valley Tech College, attended Embry-Riddle University in the Bachelor of Science program for Aviation Management, received his Certificate for studies in Aquaculture as sponsored by the USDA at UW-Stevens Point, and completed a cattle production apprenticeship program through Scheel Angus Ranch. Joe then started farming by building his own farm business and cattle ranch in Wisconsin, which he operates to this day. Joe is a staunch regenerative farming advocate and manages his ranch by using Silvopasture methods along with rotational grazing management.

Daniel Healy

Daniel Healy resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Healy has been working in greenhouse sales and marketing for Zimmerman’s Welding for the last 12 years. He previously worked in sales and marketing for Healy Mfg (family-run awards business) as well as a gardener for Milwaukee County Parks, Como Park Conservatory and also worked for various farms and greenhouses. Mr. Healy received a Bachelor’s degree in Community Education from UW-Milwaukee and earned a diploma in Agricultural Technology from Detroit Lakes Vo-Tech in MN, later he attended the Univ of MN studying Soil Science and Horticulture. Healy helped in the start-up of Farm City Link (non-profit urban agriculture program) which later became Growing Power. Healy stated that he has always been interested in Sustainability in farming and renewable energy and wanted to set up a model for this as a means for expanding regenerative farming along with renewable energy in an effort to reduce and sequester as much carbon as possible.

Lee Niven

Lee Niven was raised on his family’s dairy farm in Dunbar, WI. Lee is a husband and father that has served on the local school board as an elected member and on his church board. He continues to live in Dunbar, WI as a goat, poultry, vegetable and honey farmer. Lee would like to work in the mentorship program and could mentor others with his experience from building his own farm business from nothing. Lee stated that his farm is a small operation, but it brings him joy as it is something he is able and to do as a fully and permanently disabled veteran. Lee has eighteen years of honorable service in the US Army, both as enlisted and commissioned officer. Lee is a decorated Combat Veteran with a combat tour in Iraq. Lee has served in South Korea, Iraq, and numerous Army Forts and Camps throughout the United States. Lee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from UW-Madison. Lee believes that these experiences will make him a unique asset to this organization.