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Helping Veterans Heal the Land

The Program

We will offer a 2 year farm incubator training program geared toward veterans and socially disadvantaged people.

Our 2 year plan will include training and hands on experience focused both on farming techniques and business planning including regenerative farming,  land stewardship, farm-plot management, crop production, hydroponics, production marketing, hydroponics, and more.

The Reason

​According to the USDA, ​Wisconsin had 6,533 Dairy Farms in 2022 down from 105,000 in 1960.​

The number of veterans​ living in WI 2017 reached​ 344,550 of which 9,204​ are active farmers​​. 69% ​ of those farmers are over 65 years old​, 95% are white male​, and only 2% are young beginning​ farmers under 35 years old​.

We need to recruit beginning Veteran farmers and other socially disadvantaged people to help get trained as stewards in regenerative farming.

The Opportunity

Training will be conducted by veterans for veterans. Veterans are well-suited for farming; they are caring, hard working, dedicated, like to get up early, are self-sufficient, and willing to help their communities.

The land needs veterans that can combat global warming, carbon sequestration, and excessive chemical inputs. We want to train a new generation of beginning farmers using sustainable regenerative methods that can help heal the earth.

Our Goal


Year 1

  • Business Planning
  • Hands on experience of farming techniques
  • Regenerative farming and stewardship

Year 2

  • Farm-plot management
  • Crop production
  • Mentorship program
  • Production marketing
  • Hydroponic instruction

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